A compelling argument for the transition of textbooks to e-book format.

A pile of unused textbooks at the Detroit Public Schools Book Depository.  (via)


4 Replies to “A compelling argument for the transition of textbooks to e-book format.”

  1. Textbook use should be minimal in schools, anyway, and those that are used shouldn’t be replaced every year or two.

    My only objection to using the e-book format is that it might encourage textbook use when hands-on learning, classroom discussion, and other modes would be more effective.

    Kids really don’t need to spend more time in front of a screen.

  2. I agree completely that more screen time is not needed. On the other hand, there might be a positive effect on both sides – it makes other screen time less appealing, or maybe kids who like screens will take to reading their assignments if it’s on another screen. Regardless, the resources and money wasted on textbooks now is outrageous.

  3. I know where there are quite a few old textbooks in a previously used bedroom that could be changed to the e book format

  4. I absolutely agree that kids don’t need more screentime; but, on the other hand, there are genuine reasons for moving over to digital technologies, namely ecological. These photos are a little decieving, though. I just looked through the whole set of photos, and these books are in an abandoned warehouse that’s covered with gang graffiti and burnt out in places. I see these photos as less of an indictment against the hardcopy book than of the Detroit Public School System.

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