I want you to hit me hard as you can-can.

I debated whether or not my readers would care about this news, but when that subject line came into my head, it became hard to resist.  I don’t know what to think about this news; it seems a little bit apocalyptic.  Ready?

Director David Fincher told MTV.com in a recent interview that he’s interested in marking the 10-year anniversary of Fight Club by bringing his 1999 film to the stage as a musical. Trent Reznor has expressed interest in developing the music and Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk is keen on the idea. Fincher has previously expressed interest in the project asking, “Can you imagine people in New Jersey paying $120 to drive to the city and watch a musical about anarchy?”

Great movie, horrid book.  I can’t imagine what Fincher and Reznor are thinking. 


4 Replies to “I want you to hit me hard as you can-can.”

  1. Never read “Fight Club” or seen the movie. I read “Haunted” last year, and that was horrible enough for me to swear off Palahniuk for the rest of my reading days.

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