Link, Schlink.

Here’s something I’ve noticed: every time I’ve perused a used book section at my local independent bookstore(s), there is without fail a copy of Bernhard Schlink’s The ReaderFriends, is this a universal truth? I also own a copy, as I am a complete sucker for the following:

  1. Books about reading
  2. Books about writing
  3. Books about writers
  4. Books about writers reading

And, it should be noted, regardless of the actual content of the book – if it’s got a picture of a book (esp. open) on the cover, it’s as if the bookstore owner froze time, took money out of my wallet, and left me unconscious in a snowbank with the book. 

No, I have not read The Reader, but I note that Schlink has a new book coming out, and the cover is lovely, which gives me an opportunity to make use of my new site format.  For those many people that read my site via vanilla feed, stop by the site and sample some of the other flavor(s).  Before they expire.



3 Replies to “Link, Schlink.”

  1. I’m a sucker for ALL books about writing and books as well. There are so many good ones to choose from! Have you read David Markson at all?

  2. Start with “Vanishing Point”. I have a feeling you’d like him since you like Pessoa. Lots of spare snippets of an author’s “notes” for a novel. Each one is like finding a small marble and holding it up to the light.

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