2007’s final roundup.

  • Talking with Mr. Bryant the other night, he had heaps of praise for Yannick Murphy’s Signed, Mata Hari – maybe even a "best book in a long time" – so, 2008 will be starting with that one for me.  (He also posted about it.)
  • Kate has a fine idea: a short story challenge for 2008.  I am eyeball-deep in studying materials for the National Counselors Examination, so I’ll hold off on taking the Sutherland Challenge for now, but you should head right over there.
  • A bookplate: "He was quite incompetent and grossly careless."
  • Roberto Bolano (I don’t know how to make that n properly on a Windows machine; sorry, Roberto) on being a good writer and a bad writer.
  • Five Chapters ends the year with a new short story by Nick Hornby.
  • I’m interested in changing the site design – though this festive one is nice, the season is ending – and would welcome hearing from anyone interested in contributing a graphic banner.  Thanks.

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