Franzen hates shoe stores.

Just kidding.  Really inappropriate, starting another Franzen blaze, considering that he’s right on the mark here:

Yes, in theory, words are words. But literature isn’t data. The
difference between Shakespeare on a BlackBerry and Shakespeare in the
Arden Edition is like the difference between vows taken in a shoe store
and vows taken in cathedral.


(Did you catch my subliminal reference to the Kindle?  I’m telling you, I’m on fire today.)


One Reply to “Franzen hates shoe stores.”

  1. I’d be curious to find out if Franzen has really thought through the implications of this bon-mot. As a novelist (and, when he’s letting his characters speak for themselves and not trying too hard for larfs or to impose an agenda on them, a very good one), Franzen should know better than to utter a pronouncement such as this, which, if one thinks about it, is elitist on more than one level.

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