George Saunders and Bill Clinton.

Well, as you may have
heard, I’m mainly a fiction writer. So I apologize in advance for my
ineptitude. But to start: People like yourself and Ira Magaziner and Tom Hunter
and Paul Farmer and so on—can you tell me, what’s the difference between those
people and other people who are just as gifted and accomplished but don’t
choose to go in the direction of service?

Well, I think the people
who do it, do it because they feel morally obligated to do it—because they can,
because they have the capacity to make a contribution, because they believe it
will make a difference. Maybe because someone asked them to do it. And because
they find it more rewarding than the other things they could do with their time
or money. It’s pretty straightforward. I don’t think most people who do it
consider themselves any better than anyone else… If you think you can make a
difference—if you know enough to know that there are things that you can do that empower other people,
so that you actually give them the opportunity to change the way things
work—then you should do it. I also think it makes people happier when they do

Here’s the rest. 


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