More Gallant aloud.

She seems to be popping up everywhere.

This program celebrates the remarkable writer Mavis Gallant, a
long-time contributor to The New Yorker. In the 1950s Canadian-born
Gallant quit a steady journalism job to move to Paris and take a risk
on fiction writing, with great success. The tale featured on this
program, "Grippes and Poche," chronicles an epic relationship between a
wily French novelist and a tax collector. It was published in Gallant’s
collection Overhead in a Balloon: Twelve Stories of Paris. Gallant
reads her own story from the stage at Symphony Space, and the novelist
Jhumpa LaHiri pays tribute to Gallant as an inspiration to the current
generation of writers.


One Reply to “More Gallant aloud.”

  1. I got the nyrb collection of her Paris stories some time ago. I really enjoyed it, set it down, and now have no idea where it is. Thanks for reminding me to look for it.

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