Then again it will be.

Excuse me for a moment, small sidetrack here.

How great is that?

3 Replies to “Then again it will be.”

  1. Dunno. I love me some Zep, but one of the things I always respected was that they ended after Bonham died. And I liked that Page & Plant didn’t try to pretend that they were Zeppelin when they were collaborating back in the 90s.

    Have you heard Plant’s album of duets with Alison Krauss? Lovely. In my opinion, Plant’s voice is much better suited these days to more mellow fare, slower or mid-tempo songs, than to trying to belt “Black Dog” like he’s 25.

  2. Yeah, I know where you’re coming from, and agree with everything you wrote there. I’ve heard some bits of the Krauss collaboration – he hasn’t sounded that good in years.

    And yet. Look at that cover. Once more onto the breach? Hammer of the gods? Lemons?

  3. A few years ago I saw Robert Plant solo on an Austin City Limits, or some other such show, and was amazed at what a class act he put on. Didn’t want it to end. It was 1/2 Zep covers, but reworked for more instrumental breaks, and at a slower (middle aged) pace. If that’s the sort of show they plan on putting on, it should be good. Jimmy Page is looking good these days.

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