Expiration date.

I know, I know: blogging about blogging about blogging.  Still:

I have set an end-date on my blog: one year after its first post,
thus ending on August 27, 2008. This logic flies in the face of blog
analysts who note that most blogs do not last more than a year, as if
that mattered. I do not think the end-date has to be iron-clad. It is
just a target. Why do I think an end-date is important for a blog? How
does it contribute to slow blogging?

  • It gives your blog focus. You have one year to say what you have to
    say. You will be less likely to dawdle on about silly topics (like
    “blogging about blogging”; eek, that’s what I’m doing).
  • You can let go of worries about building your readership or career
    based on your blog. Who cares about the size of your readership when
    you know you are going to politely bid farewell at the end of the year.
  • Things without limits tend to be dangerous: cancer, GDP, greed. Good things have a natural end: fun days, stories, lives.
  • You can shake off the baggage from your old blog when it ends, and start fresh with new ideas on your new blog.

Have you set an end-date for your blog?


One Reply to “Expiration date.”

  1. I’d always thought of ours as a one-year experiment, but JRL thinks we should continue. It has been awfully fun and a good way to “meet” people… I just hope it doesn’t turn into a real drag, for the readers and for us. Well, we can always ditch it when that happens!

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