Interviews, oh my.

Treats all over the place today: David Mitchell in the Guardian:

When you were growing up did you have books in your home?
Yes. Now I have a home somewhere in my books.

Marry me!  And then, we get an interview with The Guy Behind NYRB Classics:

"Interesting readers read around," he told me, "and a series like
this needs to cater to them and bring in different kinds of readers."

And since he’s in charge, the catalog caters to Frank’s taste in
Russian and Italian literature and what he calls British literature of
the bizarre.

"They are passions," he said, "but also kinds of literary
accomplishments that I think have been underestimated or sidelined in
American critical estimation. There are books I call great accidents,
writers whose opus doesn’t put them among the greats, but that
particular book is like nothing else and well worth reading."

Finally got my hands on Maqroll, though BookMooch.  And I’m hoping someone will get Varieties of Exile on there soon.

Paper Cuts is compiling a list of decent audiobooks:

The best-ever book on tape, I’ve claimed in print, is Amanda
Plummer’s reading of Joyce Carol Oates’s “Black Water,” a slim 1992
novel based loosely on Chappaquiddick. In Plummer’s telling, the story
is pointillistic, onrushing and spooky; it casts the kind of spell that
lets 300 miles roll under your wheels before you’ve had the chance to
notice your coffee’s gone cold.

I’ve got a long drive to make on Wednesday night, Thanksgiving Eve –
deep into the Appalachians with my family. Maybe you’ve got a similar
trip to undertake. Which makes this seem like a good time to ask: What
are your favorite audio books? Got any recommendations? I really need
some new ones.

Stop by and help a guy out.  I’m cold on the Cloud Atlas audiobook at the moment; the reading of the first Louisa Ray part is horrid, and that was my least favorite section of the book when I read it.  I’m looking for short story collections, myself.


2 Replies to “Interviews, oh my.”

  1. A week late and some dollars short…

    I recommend The Human Stain by Philip Roth, as read by Arliss Howard and Debra Winger. Also, if it’s your kind of thing, Paul Auster’s Book of Illusions (read by Auster himself) is a good one for the long haul.

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