In the future, everyone is rich.


Amazon Kindle: the future of reading?  Not likely, not at $400 a pop.  This article can be summarized:  "This new revolutionary device does not have (insert desirable feature here), but Bezos expects that future versions will."  While Amazon sells you a BetaMax, someone (Apple, probably) is making the VCR. 


One Reply to “In the future, everyone is rich.”

  1. I agree. Not likely. I recently read that fewer than 50% of adults read a single book each year. Those figures (figures? Well, I read it somewhere just the other day; I leave it to the scientists and other number-types to supply the real data) are abysmal! We won’t make books more popular by offering them as a seldom-used option on a gameboy. If we’re to bring people back to books, we’ve got to teach them a love for what’s inside, not rely on our lust for gadgets.

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