The War on The War on.

Do I post or do I clam up?  Do I post or do I clam up?  If I post, there will be trouble; if I don’t, it will be double.  Yes, it’s that time of year – when retailers thrust their Christmas-jingle sale notices down your throat two months early, sucking the life from the holiday, no one noticing or caring that, essentially, there really is a Grinch, and he’s sure you want to start shopping now – and meanwhile let’s just hold hands and pretend everything’s cool, instead of embracing the idea that learning from past mistakes could be positive and we could still enjoy our turkey, or Tofurki, or what have you.  (Link not safe for mealtime reading.)  I wasn’t going to say anything – you know, let the kids have their tantrum and ignore it to extinguish the behavior – but, honestly, a lot of ignoring vis-à-vis Native Americans has already happened, not to their benefit.


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