Various roundup-related things.


  • Have you seen the new Paris Review?  Now you have.  I wonder about the general reaction of subscribers to this cover.  Please note the inclusion of fiction by J. Robert "LongPen" Lennon; excerpt is here.
  • I’ve been following comments on the news that Borders plans to put flatscreen televisions in their stores.  I’ll withhold my thoughts on it for now, but the trend of responses seem to point to Borders looking like a bunch of chumps.  A lot of "I’ll never shop there again" talk.  Depending on how my part time/full time job search goes, I may be able to do some on-site reporting.  Will you forsake me if I take employment at the megabookstore, dear reader?
  • Or, I may seek out some work-themed (re) reading materials, depending on how that goes.  Chondalmoaski.  
  • Meantime, this t-shirt would make me super-popular at the night job. 
  • One more job note: my last week at the day job.  The night job has moved to ten hour shifts.  Just not manageable to do both.  The work isn’t strenuous – typesetting on Quark, burning through AAA batteries with the mp3 player (just finished the Pacific journal section of Cloud Atlas, and Kafka on the Shore is coming from the library – ), and reading Men in Space on my "lunch" breaks.  Thank you for your e-mails of concern/confusion; I intend to sleep all weekend and maybe get back to some more normal reading/posting next week.
  • Remember when I couldn’t stop talking about The Exquisite and The Open Curtain?  Is there anything better than sinking into a really excellent read?  (So far, the audio version of Cloud Atlas is very satisfactory, well-read – speaking of excellent reads.)  At any rate, Coffee House Press is doing a 30% off holiday sale when you purchase through their site.
  • Fairy tales to you, wherever you may roam.  Modern ones.

2 Replies to “Various roundup-related things.”

  1. Hey, I’ll still love you if you take a job at Borders. But make sure they pay you good. JRL used to work at one in the midwest, I forget where though.

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