Pajamas, baby. Pajamas.

I love this; I really do:

What Happens at Blog World Stays at Blog World


Viva Las Bloggers!

Bloggers and blog readers are gathering today for the first annual Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. In addition to the non-stop panels, a “Pajama Party” will be held Thursday night at the Hard Rock Hotel.

New media!!  See if you can spot Ed Champion in the above photo.  (Hint: green.)  The photo caption is not my idea, but the photo/caption might make a good logo.  The article continues:

Visitors to the booth get a free Pajamas Media sleep mask.


I note with interest and befuddlement (I just now stumbled across this whole Pajamas Media thing, don’t laugh, the First Life’s been sort of hectic lately) that when I point at that "visitors" link on the PM page, a LingoSpot bubble opens (is inflated?), and tells me that articles related to aforementioned "visitors" apparently include:

Words escape me.  Off to bed, oh glorious night off, sans 21st-century new-media-branded sleep aid.

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