Post Office.

A co-worker just commented that, were he in my 80 hour/week shoes, he would go postal.  (He actually said it that way – "your eighty hour per week shoes."  Who talks that way?)  Wouldn’t you know that I had just read this:

In this recurring series, starting today, we hope to explore some of the underlying concepts and philosophies behind the advent of our federal postal system, describe some of the more interesting stories and personalities behind this development, as well highlight some of the illuminating and fun historical facts that comprise this organization’s history, and in turn, hopefully be able to begin to contextualize the practice of letter writing within American history. Some topics that we’ll be tackling include: the influence of the postal service on the development of the roads and transportation systems that we use today, the relationship of the U.S.P.S. to Colonial American history, evolution of the prepaid postage system, the Pony Express, the function of mail in democratic discourse, the ways that technology has changed how we send and receive mail, how exactly a letter travels all that way, mailboxes through the ages, the recent effects of rate hikes on independent media, and of course, as many curious and bizarre stories about postmasters as we can find.

Incidentally, Post Office is the best Bukowski book.  Having been an English major, I would know.


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