Fup, 1988-2007.

Sad news from Powells:

Fup, the resident cat at Powell’s Technical Books, passed away on October 25. She was 19 years old. She continued to greet her admiring public to the end, when her health failed and there was no choice but to put herFup_shopcat  to sleep. Her lifelong veterinarian made the trip out to the store to perform the task and Fup died peacefully at home with several of her longtime co-workers present.

Fup was born on or about June 30, 1988. She was adopted as a kitten by the Technical Store’s first manager, so her exact birthdate is unknown and she was always quite coy about that. As for the origin of her name, legend has it that the manager’s sister had a cat named Puff, so he sort of spelled that backwards. There was also a book titled Fup by Jim Dodge, published in 1983, which may have played into it as well…

Follow the lead link to read the whole post.  They request donations to the Oregon Humane Society in lieu of cards/flowers.


One Reply to “Fup, 1988-2007.”

  1. Sad. I met Fup about a decade ago in my travels, and had read Jim Dodge’s wonderful book of the same name, too.

    I have her business card somewhere. Fup, store cat.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention! And your blog looks like a decent read. I’ve randomly landed here for the first time, a few degrees after Googling ‘Portland Maine blogs’.

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