Eggers’ new book: Wild Things.

Alternate post subject:  "What is the … He Did Whaaaat?!"  Rejected because, well, you can see why.  We’ve got to have some law around here.*

This would be considerably more interesting if, in fact, Eggers was writing a novelization of this.  I’d like to see how he writes that scene in the – …okay, never mind that, here’s the real skinny: 

The Eggers book, an adult novel based on Maurice Sendak´s classic Where the Wild Things Are was actually acquired by Ecco last winter, but kept quiet until now. Foreign rights are in play at Frankfurt and Ecco publisher Dan Halpern is predicting, "I think it`s going to be his biggest book. I think it´s going to be huge." Ecco is publishing the book in fall 2008, to coincide with the Spike Jonze movie adaptation based on Sendak´s book, for which Eggers wrote the screenplay.

So… a novelization of a movie version of a book? 

I don’t know what to say about this, except it seems brave – brash? – and of course I’m curious about what he’s done with it.  What will the cover art look like?  What will it be called?  Is Sendak on board?  (An Eggers/Sendak collaboration?)  Will the novel of the movie of the book eventually be made back into a children’s book?  You know hungry Eggers-bashers are already drafting their angry/scornful/mocking blog posts.

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* Only when one is this tired is quoting Jason Priestley advisable.


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