St. Borges.

As you might suspect, I’ve had little time for reading since I finished the excellent The Company of Ghosts.  (I have Salvayre’s The Power of Flies ARC to read, but haven’t felt up for it, yet.)  I’ve ducked in and out of Grace Paley, Barthelme, and Tobias Wolff story collections and may not get into another novel before McCarthy’s Men in Space arrives.  (Any day now.)

After overcoming some technical difficulties, I’ve got my mp3 player to accept audiobooks and the like.  Just as of yesterday, in fact, so when I went to work last night, I had a hearty helping of Wolff’s Old School and three of the New Yorker fiction podcasts – Paley again, Barthelme again, and "The Gospel According to Mark" by Borges and read by Paul Theroux.  Now that’s a damned good story.  The end made me laugh – so perfect, so unexpected.  I listened to it again to pick out all the clues that had been there all along.  ("She had a little lamb" – genius!) 

I had thought about writing something somewhat-lengthy about it, but on three hours of sleep, it would come out… poorly. 

At any rate, if you haven’t subscribed to the New Yorker podcast, it’s in your best interest.  I think it’s monthly, and in addition to the three storytellers I mentioned above, there’s one with Junot Diaz reading one of his own stories.  I know you love Junot Diaz.  (I have yet to read Drown.  Might as well come clean here.) 

As the New Yorker has decided to be irritating about not giving you a link to a page with all the podcasts and details (unless you want to go directly to iTunes, which you may in fact want), and my efforts to copy the links to the individual pieces have failed, I offer you this link; you’ll need to scroll 3/4 of the way down the page to find the "Fiction Podcast" section.  Word on the street is, they’ll be updating the site to be Netscape Navigator friendly soon.


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