A science of sleep.

This past week, I started a second full time job.  During the day, I do case management for people with severe mental illness; at night, I’m a typesetter.  This second job goes from 5:00pm to 1:30am, at which point I make the 35 minute drive home.  I feel like I went on an especially unrewarding beer binge.  (All the hangover and general cognitive stupor, without any of the brief feeling of camaraderie/fun/hooking up with potentially unsavory characters.)   As such, expect posting – at least until one job or the other falls apart, or I do – around here to be infrequent, possibly incomprehensible, and likely written from a place of very deep irritation with the world around me.

Of course, with all notices regarding posting frequency, this may prove completely untrue.


3 Replies to “A science of sleep.”

  1. ugh! just, ugh! take lots of vitamins i guess. drink lots of water. ouch.

    now i guess i have to stop complaining about working 10-6, eh?

    poor condalmo!

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