Why the “Radiohead model” is exciting.

Let’s all hold hands and listen

What I’m most excited about though is fan bases discovering an album all together at the same time again. That strengthens music fanatic communuties immensely.  Whether you consider this a collective conscious phenomenon or good old gang mentality nothing beats experiencing a musical event with a shitload of like minded people. 
In recent years it has become the norm that an album gets discovered by fans in the following order:  1) The press are issued their copies of the album. They begin to form opinions but can’t talk about them online yet. One of them, however, is bold enough to leak it online. "Fuck it," he or she says to themselves, "I don’t care if I get fired. I’m going to be a hero on Oink." This leads to 2) The computer savy early-leak-listener-club all breaking their wrists to either dismiss or praise the album first on their message board of choice. 3) The die-hard-fans who swear off early leak listening finally hear it the day it comes out in stores. A new wave of discussion and evaluation rolls in. The reviews come out. 4) New fans or casual fans find the album eventually also and chime in as well. Now, that’s dividing up a fan base’s initial new album experience into four segments over at least six months of time. Imagine combining all four segments within a the span of three weeks. Which scenario do you think is more likely to cause cultural explosions? Which scenario do you think will create a more lively, unified fan base? And what sounds like more fun to you?

One Reply to “Why the “Radiohead model” is exciting.”

  1. I don’t know if you’ve listened to it yet, but the new record is really really good. Possibly my favorite since “Kid A.” It’s extremely intimate and low-key…a nice change of pace for this band.

    Also, over on W6, I am presently dissing your litty ass. Are you gonna stand here and take that, or are you gonna come on over and fight like a man?!!?

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