Remainder film.

The subject says it all.  Well, not all

MT: I understand the film rights for Remainder have been sold? What does this actually mean!? When might we see a film?

TM: A partnership of FilmFour and Cowboy Films have bought the rights and are producing the movie. They’re the partnership behind the recent adaptation of The Last King of Scotland, which was a huge success and won an oscar for Forrest Whittaker. The first draft of the script has been written, by John Hodge, who wrote the script for Trainspotting. I’m not technically involved, but the producer gave me a peek and it looked really good. Next they decide who the director will be. So maybe 2008/9 for the release date. It always takes longer and costs more than you think, apparently…

There are approximately 126 ways this could be bungled.  Lead actor?  I see Trainspotting mentioned, I think Ewan MacGregor, I shrug. 

The interview (part two; part one ran yesterday) also features McCarthy talking about similarities and differences between the first and second books.  My copy of MiS is en route from very, very far away.  This ends your weekly McCarthy update.

One Reply to “Remainder film.”

  1. Hopefully they’ll cast somebody who is relatively unknown. And hopefully Danny Boyle won’t be directing. Remainder and Danny Boyle are not a good match.

    There’s a copy of the Metronome edition of Remainder listed on Abebooks for US$217! Doubt my slightly ragged copy would be worth as much.

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