Martin Frost.

More in the "early reviews" department, this time for Paul Auster’s new film, "The Inner Life of Martin Frost," which can also be filed – along with his recent incredibly disappointing Travels in the Scriptorium – under "great concept, miserably executed," or so it seems.  The reviews I’ve read all say pretty much the same thing, so here’s your excerpt from the NYT:

In the novelist and filmmaker Paul Auster’s new movie, the novelist Martin Frost (David Thewlis) holes up in a cabin, intending to begin a new work, and becomes embroiled in an affair with a woman named Claire Martin (Irène Jacob). She appears one morning in Martin’s bed, claiming to be the niece of one of the cabin’s owners. She might be a con artist, or she might be Martin’s muse.

The playfully oblique tone — which worked in Philip Haas’s movie adaptation of Mr. Auster’s novel “The Music of Chance” — seems merely coy here. The movie’s style is aggressively literary, with plummy third-person narration (read by Mr. Auster) that over-interrogates every development, and close-ups of significant objects (like a manual typewriter floating in black space) that aim for talismanic power but don’t get there. The result plays like a half-baked tribute to “Wings of Desire.”

I can’t say as this movie has stirred up a lot of interest here, even before the reviews started coming in.  I haven’t seen "Smoke" or "Blue in the Face" either – should I? 


One Reply to “Martin Frost.”

  1. I’m not much interested either. I really enjoyed Smoke; though I wonder if I would feel the same way were I to see it now, as a much more experienced reader of books and films. Central to Smoke is the story told in Auggie Wren’s Christmas, so if you liked that… (the idea of taking a picture of the same view at the same time of day, every day, absolutely captivates me).

    Blue in the Face was a waste of time. I saw also Lulu on the Bridge, thought it was cool and deep at the time, but I don’t remember a thing about it now.

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