Early review of Men in Space.

Lee Rourke is first up, and the review – of Tom McCarthy’s forthcoming (soon in the UK, someday far too long away here) Men in Space – is sparkling.  Excerpt:

Tom McCarthy’s second
novel is an inspired shift from the cold, unidentified narrator’s voice
that was central to the success of Remainder, his startling debut of
last year. In Men in Space we are treated to a cacophony of voices,
accents, languages and dialogue in myriad forms. It is a novel that
practically rattles with noise. Just like his debut, though, it is a
studied novel of ideas that is unlike many others we might read this

Men in
Space follows a gaggle of characters set adrift within a fragmenting
world: a stranded cosmonaut who has no country to come back to, a
misguided football referee who has lost all perspective, an unsettled
police agent, self-indulgent drifters seeking authenticity, political
refugees and Western hangers-on who just don’t seem to grasp what is
happening on the streets around them.

of these characters revolves around a stolen Byzantine painting that
the mafia have paid the perfectionist Ivan Manasek to make an identical
copy of in a bid to smuggle the original out of the country.


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