Long hoax.

I don’t have it in me to be coherent about this, so let me just say the LongPen is ridiculous, and leave the better phrasing to YPTR:

This thing haunts me in my sleep.  Why?  Perhaps because it combines the thrill of an Alice Munro appearance with the excitement of a kiosk?

Now, honestly, is this meant to benefit the reader in any way?  I see where it benefits Norman Mailer, because he doesn’t even have to put on his pajama bottoms to be adored.  I see where it benefits his publisher, because they don’t have to spring for air travel or send over some poor erstwhile Communications major to try to cajole Mailer into his goddamn pajama bottoms.

One Reply to “Long hoax.”

  1. A writer friend of mine used to work at a Barnes and Noble, where he thought he was helping the corporate bottom line by faking writers’ signatures and putting on that “signed copy” sticker. He got fired when he signed a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank. Needless to say, he is my hero.

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