“Write” every day.

Jenny Davidson, at Baker’s site, on creating a text (part of a series he’s running); excerpt:

Obviously you can’t write anything good if you don’t have some little
germ of talent hidden away somewhere. But I am a great believer in the
forms of self-cultivation. I am annoyed by advice of the
write-every-day sort. I write something every day, of course, but many days I write blog posts and e-mails rather than writing anything real,
as it were. I have a demanding job and inevitably there’s some fallow
time between projects and I have never found write-properly-every-day a
realistic discipline. But there’s no doubt you build up stamina and
skill over the years, and if you keep working on it, and if you pay
close attention to your own stumbling-blocks, it is amazing what can be
accomplished. More writers are crippled by self-doubt or indecision
than by technical incompetence; but self-doubt and indecision are as
amenable to being addressed as incompetence. There is no excuse for not
working on these things.


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