A technical question of no small boredom.

To my readers:

  1. Do you read this site through a feed reader?
  2. Do you read the entire post through the reader?
  3. If your reader were to pick up an excerpt from the beginning of my posts, as is the case with some other sites, would you then be likely to click through to my site and read the whole post?  Or would you consider it trickery of some kind and stop attending to my quirky ramblings?

I ask because I’ve recently been going back and editing posts shortly after publishing them, only to discover that somehow my site’s feed has jumped to the top of the queue and is fed into my reader moments after I publish it – thus, you get the shoddy, error-ridden version, instead of the polished final edition. 

I suppose a solution would be more careful vetting of my posts, but I’m just curious.  Leave a response in the comments or e-mail me.  Condalmo’s the name, g-mail’s the game.


6 Replies to “A technical question of no small boredom.”

  1. 1. Yes.
    2. If it is interesting.
    3. Not likely. I love feed readers because I don’t have to open many tabs, and I just hate to open many tabs and have a slow computer running.

  2. I use a reader and prefer getting the full post. Although I’m sure I miss out on lots of great content, I don’t read sites offering only excerpts because having to click through is a lot of bother.

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