Evacuate the building.

Good stuff at Hang Fire:

Invited into a home for the first time, a book lover will take great pleasure in combing through the owner’s bookshelves. Some do it brazenly, some wait for the host to get up and refill the drinks, but we all do it. That peek into the psyche is irresistible.

But there is risk involved. Have you ever found a title that you just can’t accept? a book that makes your skin crawl? a book that creates serious misgivings about going forward with the dinner party/new friendship/one-night stand that you thought was in the cards?

These are dealbreaker books. And I want to know what yours are….and why.

I dropped a few obvious choices in the comments, trying to restrain (somewhat) my book snobbery.  Here, not so restrained:

  • Any chick lit.
  • Any conservative screeds.
  • Any celebrity tell-alls, bios, cookbooks.
  • An extensive collection (a book or two, not necessarily a dealbreaker) of any of the following:  Tom Clancy.  Stephen King.  "The Notebook" guy.  How-to business books.  How to be influencial/powerful/win friend(s) books.  A big old stack of Jesus books.

I’m sure there’s more, but lunch calls.


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