“It won’t go away.” “I can’t/won’t stop eating.” Etc.

A roundup!  Like riding a bike.Cowboy

  • Robert Lopez, author of Condalmo-appreciated & enjoyed Part of the World, is noted today at EWN.  It’s an older one, but I hadn’t read it.  Perhaps you, also, have not read this story.  Title: "Priapism."  Ouch.   
  • Also via EWN, an essay on the following topic:
    • Blake and three buddies show up at a Ryan’s Steakhouse at 7:30 a.m.,
      just as it opens, and order the All-You-Can-Eat with the intentions of
      staying there all day, until 9:30 p.m., and the rules are they must
      either be eating, getting food, or using the bathroom, the entire time.
  • Hobart’s got an interview with Roy Kesey, author of Nothing in the World (which will be re-released in the near future) and the forthcoming All Over.
  • MA continues her Bolano dissent with guest blogger Joseph Fiennes!*
  • Mark is going to kick this guy’s ass overalls into next week.
  • Continuing to love Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.  Here’s Britt solo, acoustic, live.  (With a drum machine, on some tracks.)  If Barkis is willin’ (i.e., you have Quicktime or whatever installed) you should be able to hear one track  – being saved for a future solo release – by clicking on the following:  "Telephone My Heart"
  • You had to see it coming: write a letter.

* well, Joseph somebody.


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