While I’m irritable.

If I was wearing purple pants today, oh man what a scene.  These blue jeans I’m wearing, they would rip right off; I’d be naked, fired.  Good thing the purple trousers are in the laundry.  You know, baby spit up and all.

My latest irritant:

The Bush administration said Thursday that structural deficiencies were found two years ago in the highway bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis, and it was the state’s responsibility to fix them.

President Bush pledged federal help in rebuilding the bridge in the city that will host next year’s Republican National Convention.

"We in the federal government must respond, and respond robustly, to help the people there not only recover, but to make sure that lifeline of activity — that bridge — gets rebuilt as quickly as possible," Bush said in the Rose Garden after a Cabinet meeting.Secretary_of_transportation_mary_pe

Mary Peters has promised $5 million in immediate aid.  Thank God they covered the cost of … …

Petey, you’re doin’ a heck of a job.

It’s nice to see Bush leaping to point out it wasn’t his fault before promising aid.  We wouldn’t want anyone thinking the federal government is to blame (for anything).  Well, unless you’re Republican, because that means you hate government, they bungle things and waste money.  You know, a Republican, like George Bush.  Okay, my head just exploded.

Let’s also take a quick look at what it means to receive a robust response.

TIME Preview: New Orleans Still In Grave Danger As Hurricane Season Arrives

By E&P Staff

Published: August 02, 2007 11:20 AM ET

NEW YORK In this week’s cover story coming in Time magazine tomorrow, Michael Grunwald finds in New Orleans a "pathetic" situation: Many of the same coastal scientists and engineers who sounded alarms about the dangers to that city before Hurricane Katrina are warning that the Army Corps of Engineers is “poised to repeat its mistakes—and extend them along the entire Louisiana coast …

"If you liked Katrina, they say, you’ll love what’s coming next … As the disaster’s Aug. 29 anniversary approaches, there will be plenty of talk about the future of New Orleans … But in the long run, recovery plans won’t matter much if investors, insurers and homesick evacuees can’t trust the Corps to prevent the city from drowning again."…

I’m tellin’ you:


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