Ugh ack thpft.

3% on the Espresso Book Machine.

Back before this blog was live, I posted a couple things about Jason Epstein’s book revolution and the Espresso Book Machine. Well, it’s back in the New York Times today, following a demonstration in a midtown branch of the New York Public Library.

The machine, which can “produced a book from digital code to hefty paperback in under 15 minutes,” is retailing for $20,000 and being promoted as a distribution and inventory solution that would revolutionize publishing…

…I still have some reservations. Epstein’s idea of making this an ATM-like device that could be anywhere would essentially eliminate the need for bookstores entirely. Readers would be able to get any book they wanted in their local grocery store, and for 60% off at Wal*Mart, possibly putting the final nail in the indie bookstore coffin.

Stop with the silly nonsense, Mr. Epstein.  You can get coffee from a dirty vending machine or you can get coffee from a coffee shop.  People who care about coffee will still go to coffee shops, and people who are looking for something on the go and care nothing about anything (!) will go the vending machine.  Enjoy your overheated dung water, technology enthusiasts of the world.


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