Eight in the morning.

I’ve been tagged.  First time, I think.  If I’m wrong, consider this post a rerun.  I won’t pass this on to anyone else; some people, they get snarly about these things, and that’s okay.  Eight things about me you may not know:

  1. I have a large scar line on my shoulder.  It looks like I caught the business end of a pirate’s cutlass in a tavern fight.  The scar is from college; my roommate Howie was sitting back in a recliner chair with his girlfriend Nej.  (Girlfriend, eh, not exactly right, how to be delicate?)  I decided it would be a good idea to join them and leaped, essentially, onto the chair, which went crashing over backwards and dumped us all into his closet.  In the ensuing melee – okay, no melee, just tangled bodies, but had to use that phrase – my shoulder got scraped.  I didn’t even know there was a scar there until much, much later.
  2. On break from college after sophomore year, I think, I worked at Pretzel Time at the mall.  I was fairly depressed; all my friends from school were far-flung, I didn’t really have any friends left in my hometown area, was living in my parents’ basement for the summer, and kids, I was working at Pretzel Time.  Instead of being at the actual store, they often had me at the kiosk/cart on the other side of the mall, right in the middle of the walkway, all by my lonesome, which left me a great deal of time to journal – good – and to indulge in pretzel snacks and hazelnut coffee.  Which was Bad, because being depressed left me disinterested in nutrition and so I went a stretch of days where all I consumed was pretzels and hazelnut coffee.  That ended poorly.
  3. In addition to Pretzel Time, I have held employment at Hickory Farms, Burger King, Smiling Hill Farm Ice Cream, and MBNA.  Best job ever: reception for campus security at my undergraduate college – during the summer.  That phone was deader than dead, my friends; I did a lot of reading that summer.
  4. We were married on a covered bridge.
  5. I’m currently undergoing tests for narcolepsy.  In a month or so, I need to go to a sleep study center for a night and a day (in that order) and do a great deal of sleeping.  Apparently, it’s treatable through medication.  It’s been a problem for me since undergraduate school; I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to me sooner to look into it further, but apparently it’s common for it to go undiagnosed/untreated for almost exactly the amount of time it took me to look into it.
  6. One of my chickens died the other day.  Rosa.
  7. I have a secret interest in pursuing "landlord" as a career.
  8. I have dated women who were attractive versions of Rosie O’Donnell and "Louise" from "Herman’s Head."  I told the latter when I met her that she looked like Louise; this was not especially welcomed, and it took three more years for us to get together.

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