Rustic reunion.

Here’s a music post.  Rustic Overtones were big in these parts, back in the day.  Horns, ska, rock, funk, lots of good stuff from this band over the years.  I have good memories of shows: backing Long Division with a show at UMF; at The Big Easy; a great show at The Tunnel, toward the end; and the final show.  Not so final; they’ve reunited, put out a new album, touring, possibly more to come. 

Track list for the new album:

1. The Calm
2. Rock Like War
3. Dear Mr. President
4. Troublesome
5. Hardest Way Possible
6. Black Leather Bag
7. Oxygen
8. Carsick
9. Carnival
10. Light At The End

Sam Pfeifle is, predictably, experiencing multiple seizures of joy.  (Then again, few local acts fail to have this effect on him.)  I have yet to pick it up – blew my spending money on the new Spoon disc – but for readers outside of Maine, check these guys out.  Buy it at Bull Moose, of course.  Their webpage is long gone, but they’ve got a MySpace page.


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