At this one moment, everyone here is asleep save myself.  I should be, but I wanted to get something down about Remainder before moving on to my next read, which I anticipate to be arriving by mail as soon as tomorrow.  More reasoned & seasoned minds have already written about this book’s many wonders, probably much better than my tired head could at this point, but this is one great goddamn book.  The quick and dirty:

A man is severely injured in a mysterious accident, receives an
outrageous sum in legal compensation, and has no idea what to do with

Then, one night, an ordinary sight sets off a series of bizarre visions he can’t quite place.

he goes about bringing his visions to life– and what happens afterward–
makes for one of the most riveting, complex, and unusual novels in
recent memory.

That’s the best summary I’ve seen of it, and every word there is true and pointed – it is riveting, the time you could spend thinking about the complex ramifications of some of the events within this book multiplies the further into it you read, and it is unusual in its single-minded focus on creating a feeling of having one’s actions be true, real, not encumbered by any sort of ironic or other knowledge of those actions.  This book gleams, it hums, and I found it to be perfect in that way – that way, you know, where you finish a book and you close it and you think "this guy took this idea, this concept, and he could not possibly have done a better job bringing it to light."  Which is, of course, different from foolishly calling it "a perfect book,"  but if what McCarthy explores here – existentialism, trauma, amnesia, etc. – floats your boat, then here’s the perfect wave.  (Yes, I should be in bed.  It is true.)

Richard and Dan have written about this book – in fact, Dan’s offhand mention of it in a post a few weeks back was what set me to looking into it, and then purchasing it – better than I’ll be able to tonight.  I strongly encourage you to have a look at what they’ve written, and here’s the first chapter to further tempt you.  I’m usually pretty squeamish about flat-out pushing a book on readers here, knowing diverse tastes etc., but kids you should sell some old CD’s or savings bonds or platelets and get this book pronto.  And then come back here and thank me.


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