Lydia Davis on Bookworm.

Varieties of Traffic Disturbances:

Lydia Davis Made Me Crash My Car — Almost

Two absolute miracles occurred today while driving and listening to Michael Silverblatt’s Bookworm:

  • Silverblatt let the guest speak for most of the 30 minute show.
  • That guest was Lydia Davis, reading from her new collection Varieties of Disturbance.  A miracle because the pieces she read were so lovely, so spare and painful and beautiful and, well, full. Pregnant with meaning, the said, the unsaid. All the bits in between.

I’m halfway through listening to the podcast, and it’s lovely once you get past the sounds of Silverblatt pulling crumpled photocopies of Davis’ stories out of his pockets, dragging them across the microphone, and then handing them to her to read.  Davis is a pleasure to listen to.  Audiobook?

I read Varieties recently; another of many books I started to write about and did not finish, as time dwindles away to nothing with impending arrivals.  It’s a very fine book.


One Reply to “Lydia Davis on Bookworm.”

  1. You can’t hear Michael Silverblatt where we live in upstate New York. I haven’t heard his pompous, hilarious, totally engaging voice in ten years. And I heard a rumor that his show is **free** to radio stations, so WTF.

    Lydia Davis is my personal goddess, if she happens to be reading this.

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