Wanted, Stephen Dixon Playboy.

I feel a little strange, with that post subject.

Stephen Dixon has written somewhere over 500 short stories; some of his books seem to be out of print, and/or only available at either highly expensive/poorly maintained levels.  Furthermore, the story collections total well below 500, and many of the stories have therefore only appeared once.  I was taken with the title of this story, which I don’t think made it into any of the collections:

To support himself after his one-year fellowship runs out, he sells goods in a department store called Emporium, he teaches school, he works as an artist’s model, he drives a cab and a school bus. He sells a short story, "The Young Man Who Read Brilliant Books," to Playboy for $3,100, the equivalent of about $18,000 today. "I lived a whole year on that." Playboy even throws in a pair of cuff links.

I guarantee you, the least-used pair of cufflinks in Playboy history.  I_am_radioing_you_for_backup

While I try to convince my wife that, despite the fact that she truly might go into labor at any moment, it’s a good idea for us to order a back issue of Playboy over the internets, I would like to put out a call to readers for some Dixon sleuthing help.  I did a quick & dirty Google search for some of his short stories online and came up pretty short; it would be nice to compile a list of short stories available for online reading, as well as sources (paper) for some other ones.  If anyone has any leads, by all means, send them along in the comments or via Condalmo, gmail.


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