In between shit-then-genius sandwiches, writers enjoy a nice spanking.

May I Have Another, Sir:

Okay, but the reason why I even brought this up here is that in the
middle of the music (and screenings of films and such) the organizer of
the event introduced to the stage who but Jonathan Ames.
Man, this guy is everywhere — really, it’s amazing — and he’s always
incredibly funny. And so he attempts to give this brief reading (the
Accompanied Literary Society was somehow involved in the event) but of
course it’s this loud, crowded room and no one is listening. Well, like
12 of us are listening. In the middle of rock bands! What a thing to do
to a writer! So he reads about half a page from Wake Up, Sir, before
he gives up and says, "You know what? Why doesn’t someone just come up
here and paddle me with my own book? That would be less painful." And
so someone does! A sunglasses-wearing lady appears out of no where and
gleefully thwacks Jonathan Ames on the bottom with his own hardcover
book. Again and again and again. And then she lets him spank her with
the book, too.

And that is what it means to be a writer.

I learn more about this art of writing every day.


One Reply to “In between shit-then-genius sandwiches, writers enjoy a nice spanking.”

  1. I hope my own reading debut next month goes as memorably as Ames’ did. However, my wife will be in attendance, so I may have to skip getting a public spanking from a stranger. Pity.

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