Dixon rewrites.

A new appreciation of Stephen Dixon, with another ancillary piece of the story behind the publication of "The Chess House":

A few years later, Dixon works for CBS Radio in New York, where reporter Hughes Rudd, who later became a CBS news anchor, notices the young man who sits alone and types when everyone else goes out for lunch. Rudd asks him what he’s doing, Dixon tells him, and Rudd asks to see some of the stories. Dixon hands him 10, and Rudd sends two of them to George Plimpton, co-founder and editor of The Paris Review. Plimpton picks one of the stories to publish but asks Dixon to rewrite it first. Dixon does. Then Plimpton sends it back and asks him to rewrite it a second time. Dixon does. When Plimpton makes the same request yet again, an exasperated Dixon mails back the original story with a note: "Here, this is my rewrite." Plimpton makes no reply, but in 1963 publishes "The Chess House" in issue 29 of The Paris Review.

The whole article is here.  (via.)  My copy of Old Friends arrived in the mail the other day; all is right with the world.

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