A meta-commentary on the sad state of modern news.

Meta due to a "perfect storm" of the following circumstances:

  1. My use of the hackneyed, over-employed phrase "perfect storm";
  2. My taking the time to comment on this on a purportedly "literary blog";
  3. My exposure to this news, despite having purged myself (so I thought, beeb) of news sources that truck in this sort of nonsense;
  4. My unpleasant-to-consider prior exposure to the backstory, which
  5. leads me to actually consider this good news, despite it having no bearing on my life whatsoever, nor any bearing on the lives of most Americans, save in a completely puerile way;
  6. My satisfaction about this news, despite 5) and the overall negative impact a focus on this sort of nonsense likely has on culture;
  7. The too-meta-to-consider implications of my consideration, kept to myself among co-workers, that "Chong is right";
  8. My insistence on finding a meta-quality to this nonsense, thus supposedly justifying this probably ill-considered late-afternoon post;
  9. And, finally, because if you don’t already know what I’m talking about, there’s an extremely good chance you will now: 

"Hilton screamed."

(On the subject of mixing entertainment with news:  apparently, the man also suffered from uncontrollable mating urges that caused screaming, shirt-rending, and a normally repressed violent nature to emerge.  The surgery was a success, however, and he is expected to live long and prosper.  BBC, you let me down twice in one day.)


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