A link, the sharing of which attempts to redeem this site for the previous post.

For those workers stuck at computers, but allowed to listen to whatever, a suggestion

This first stemmed from a desire to find something that might make my afternoon work (academic copy editing) less monotonous. While it might help to pay the rent a little more than writing, copy editing isn’t exactly the most riveting of occupations. The initial formatting part, especially, can be mind numbing – or at least, it used to be. Since my discovery of the BBC 7 radio station, however, changing Cambridge professors’ references into house style and checking "s" and "z" suffixes has come to seem less a necessary chore than a voluntary hobby.

Thanks to BBC 7 – which bills itself as "unadulterated entertainment" and, as the BBC’s bookworm channel, offers a series of differently-themed reading "hours" throughout the day – my working afternoons, once such a pain, have been brightened by the likes of Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black, Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep, William Thackeray’s Vanity Fair … BBC 7 has come up with the goods time after time, both in terms of its perfectly-toned readers and its selection of some fantastic books.

This link will open it in WMP, if Barkis is willin’; this site gives you the schedule, the WMP link again, and the RealPlayer option – but you don’t use RP, do you?  Please tell me you don’t, Condalmo screamed.


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