Nowhere in the world.

Roy Kesey’s Nothing in the World has been unavailable for some time now.  In a wide ranging conversation with Kesey, the beans are spilled:

First, the good news: I’m on the verge of signing up to do a few more books with Dzanc, and one of those will be a reissue of Nothing in the World, which pleases me no end. When Bullfight closed its doors just as the first run was selling out, it really wiped me out–all that work, and so little to show for it. But at some point in the not-too-distant future, the book will be available again.

He shares some details about a new novel he’s working on, and also divulges the following:

Rattlesnake, toucan, monkey, wasp pupae, guinea pig.

Guinea pig was by far the most delicious.


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