Films for the blind.

As Maud noted, Jose Saramago’s Blindness is set to be made into a movie, with Fernando Meirelles ("The Constant Gardener" and "City of God") directing and Mark Ruffalo as the doctor, Julianne Moore as the wife.  If there are two actors I’d rather see in a (hopefully) artful adaptation, I can’t think of who they’d be.  Both Ruffalo and Moore have the chops.  As for the book, amazing, though I had to leave it unfinished – this was in grad school that I was reading it, and I never did get back to it, not yet.  My wife loved it, speaks very highly of Saramago in general – I think she’s read two or three of his other novels – and picked up Seeing soon after it was released in paperback, but found it a bit heavy for an exhausted pregnant person to be slogging through at bedtime, and so we remain The Family That Puts Aside Saramago. 


2 Replies to “Films for the blind.”

  1. I’m impressed that the film adaptation will feature Ruffalo and Moore. The book has been disturbing, provocative, and disorienting to extraordinary literary effect — I’m reading it now and almost done. I have the impression that if one were to read only one Jose Saramago novel, it should be The Gospel According to Jesus Christ — I may try that one next.

  2. I would highly recommend The Gospel According to Jesus Christ. It is a bit hard to get into if one is not used to Saramago’s style (no punctuation or carriage returns, etc), but it is endlessly thought-provoking.

    Both Seeing and Blindness are very good–it is worth it to finish them! The Cave was excellent too (as many other books of Saramago).

    The actors sound promising for a film adaptation, however the big problem is always turning a long, rich book into a (relatively) shorter movie. Adapted short stories always seem to work better. However the premise of the novel could be enough of a seed for the film. Any mention of a screenwriter?

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