Audio’d books.

First Microsoft Surface, then this.  From Enterprise to Enterprise-D in ten easy years. 

Talking paper made by scientists

Digital paper that can speak to you has been created by scientists.

Researchers from Mid Sweden University have constructed an interactive paper billboard that emits recorded sound in response to a user’s touch.

The prototype display uses conductive inks, which are sensitive to pressure, and printed speakers.

The team envisages that the technology could be used by advertisers, and in the future, it might even be employed for product packaging.

"Thank you for selecting Oscar Meyer Weiners.  You’ll find that our weiners are the finest tasting weiners available, with each bite recalling memories of childhood summer barbeques.  Baseball, fond family memories, kids splashing in the ol’ swimming hole, and Oscar Meyer Weiners.  (theme music)  Ingredients: horse nuts." 

On the more serious side, a little more work on this, and every book is an audiobook.  I don’t know how that makes me feel.  Badly, I think.  Sorry for the buzzkill; I should have stuck with the weiner jokes.


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