Pen to paper.

Once considered a death knell for the handwritten word, the Web is
now host to a score of projects focused on keeping the craft alive.

One of the first was the 1000 Journals Project, started in 2000. One
thousand journals were distributed among a group of people worldwide
who signed up online, then each scribbled a note or added a picture
before passing it on.

The Wandering Moleskin Project treads similar territory; notebooks
are circulated among Web sign-ups, who write about anything from the
weather ("Today’s description: partly sunny, a bit overcast, about 40
in the valleys of Pennsylvania") to drink recipes ("By continuous
addition of rum on to the burning cone using the spoon . . . the sugar
was finally all molten"). They then scan their personal pages and send
them to, which tracks the progress of the books.

But Ms. Park and Ms. Trancho-Robie’s undertaking is the first to focus solely on the waning art of letter writing.

Whole article here.


2 Replies to “Pen to paper.”

  1. I love this idea, in all of its various forms. It would be a kick to take part, and/or own one of these journals, wouldn’t it?

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