After Dark – Haruki Murakami.

Dooley again with the Murakami.  I’ve had his review of After Dark saved in my Google Reader for a few days and just got around to it.  I’d been thinking I’d hold off on reading this review, and Ed’s, until I got around to writing my own review, but kids, I read the book months ago, and have read a lot since, and I’m not going to reread it to write a cogent review.

That’s my review: I’m not going to reread it. 

I think most of what Dooley says mirrors my feelings, at least with regard to this particular book.  There is a whole lot of inscrutability going on here, some especially bad dialogue, and no Murakami-doppelganger first-person main character to speak of.  I can tolerate a certain level of inscrutable (in part, because it’s such a fantastic word – inscrutable) – at times, it’s the best thing going.  I like it when some of the cards are being played so close to the vest, when you’re done reading, you wonder if the cards were ever even there.  I don’t have any need to solve the puzzle, figure out what he’s saying metaphysically/existentially, if I get a sense of where he’s going, and if he’s making it enjoyable to ride along.  No sense this time; some enjoyment, but in the end, not enough.  Unlike Dooley, I’m not at a point of writing Murakami off; maybe I’ve just read less Murakami than he has, and will get there after Kafka, or what-have-you.  Maybe not. 

I’ve got mixed feelings about After Dark.  Bad/tired & busted Murakami is better than tired & busted Auster, or pretty much anybody else, but as I said, I won’t feel a need to re-read it.


6 Replies to “After Dark – Haruki Murakami.”

  1. “Bad/tired & busted Murakami is better than tired & busted Auster”

    Hands-down, no joke, one of the best sentences I’ve read in awhile. LOL and all of that…

  2. Claire: maybe. I think he’s coasting on this new book – and he’s got some different themes in some of his short stories, some different paths he could take on the same mountain (if you will) –

    I had written before that I would recommend this “as good a place as any to start with Murakami” – but I don’t agree with that, now.

  3. Hmm. Finished it about a week ago and haven’t had time to write about it, and also have avoided reviews for this reason. My first Murakami. Loved it while I was in it, but the ending was very disappointing. The more it goes, the less memorable it seems. But not a bad starting point; I am inspired to read more.

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