Two questions.

  1. Can anyone tell me anything about Georges Simenon, in particular the titles from NYRB?
  2. Can anyone recommend a good magazine for kid(s) around age four that are light on advertising, or at least picky about it?  I’d rather not have something with ads for yogurt in a tube and Spider-Man web guns.

4 Replies to “Two questions.”

  1. I can’t help you with Simenon, but I can recommend Ladybug magazine — we carry it at our store and there are no ads. My kids like National Geographic Kids, but that IS PACKED with ads. They’re also into Weird New Jersey and Make.

    You know, Stoneyfield Farms makes an organic yogurt in a tube that you can put in the freezer and eat like a push pop. Kind of pricey, but it gives my poor brown-rice-stuffed kids the illusion that they’re eating junk food…

  2. I recently read Simenon’s Dirty Snow, which is one of the NYRB titles. It’s one of his so-called “pyschological novels”. Pretty good. What else do you want to know? (I did say a little more over at my blog the other day…)

  3. Thanks, I’ll check out Ladybug. We got a free sample issue of NGK in the mail and liked it a lot, and so bought one at the store. Hence my disgust about lousy ads in a kids magazine. National Geographic should know better.

    I don’t know, there’s something about the tube that alarms me. Maybe I’ll be a guinea pig and see what it’s about, sneak off behind my office building for some illicit yogurt tube action –

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