What I’m reading now.

Finished The Seventeen Traditions.  Add that to the list of books-to-review. 

I didn’t know this was being released directly in paperback, but let me tell you, am I glad:



2 Replies to “What I’m reading now.”

  1. yay, a new Lydia Davis book just in time for my birthday…

    I’m interested to see what you thought about Nader’s book. I just read the beginning and was suprised at how sentimental it is. He always struck me as a starchy old fellow…

  2. There’s some starch, to be sure. He’s written a lot of books, few of which I’ve purchased or read; I like the man, I like his ideals, I think he’s one of the most American people alive. A lot of his writing, for me, puts me in the place of the choir. I’m already there. (The Ralph Nader Reader was an exception; the other was Crashing the Party, just as an interesting inside look at his first significant presidential campaign.) This one, though: a look at the forces that shaped young Ralph, that made him dedicate his entire life to civic duty. I like the idea of raising my children to be active in shaping their country, not just wandering into polling places every four years…

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