Thank you to the kind folks that have written to me wondering if I’m ok.  Things have been hectic and unusually stress-laden around these parts recently, leading up to the arrival of baby number two.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to be getting done all the things that need to get done, which leaves less time than usual for Condalmo.  This has been a bit frustrating for me, as reading, writing, and blogging have been my primary sources of leisure, and so stress-relief.  As the stress builds, less time for stress relief: welcome to life in America.  I don’t know if my posting frequency here will change much in the coming weeks; I’d like it to, and that’s my goal, but I don’t think a newborn in June will stimulate a lot of thoughtful posts about reading.  And I won’t subject you to daily diaper updates or anything like that.  I will try to keep some goodness available through the Updates column on the right.

I finished Part of the World – which was Jim-dandy – and then, in the blink of an eye, read Antoine Wilson’s The Interloper.  Which was dandy, in its own way, perhaps not of the Jim variety, but I read it so damn quickly I still need to think it through a bit.  If the window opens for me to write about them, I will.  Stepping away from fiction briefly to read The Seventeen TraditionsAnd more Martone.

So, short version: intermittent posting of varying levels of quality in the immediate future.  Please, do stay tuned.  And thanks again.


4 Replies to “Absenteeism.”

  1. “Jim-dandy”? I think the damping of the frontal cortex that always occurs when children appear, has started its work.

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