Good morning.

Getting up early in the morning to sneak in those thirty minutes of uninterrupting writing, before luring the little one out of bed with the siren song of Mighty Bites

Me neither, but some are:

By writing, writing, writing for thirty minutes, just
covering the page with whatever vapid nonsense is swimming past
masquerading as thoughts, we will, the book tells us, learn to outwit
the Censor.  My initial thought was that writing of the quality likely
to be produced by the exercise would actually just confirm that the
Censor was right all along.  No wonder she tells you not to re-read

"Morning pages will teach
you that your mood doesn’t really matter.  Some of the best creative
work gets done on the days when you feel that everything you’re doing
is just plain junk.  The morning pages will teach you to stop judging
and just let yourself write."

Writing the morning pages also functions as a form of meditation and,

is impossible to write morning pages for any extended period of time
without coming into contact with an unexpected inner power."

the first three days, my only thought was that it is impossible to
write morning pages without the help of a large cafetiere of coffee and
that the whole experience was beyond painful.


One Reply to “Good morning.”

  1. Yes! I absolutely swear by writing in the morning. Seriously, I wrote my entire novel that way — by waking up at 5 and writing until 7 or 7:30 before work — and I think it’s a much a better book for having been written in the morning. It’s a time when I’m much more in my own head and still attached to my dreamlife, and not yet involved in my everyday life. Then again…I guess I’m a morning person? I’d be absolutely useless if I tried to write in the evening. Generally my brain shuts down around 4 pm.

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