National (?) Short Story Month.

Let the good times roll:

Now we move into SHORT STORY MONTH.  Quite possibly my personal favorite form of writing to read.  It might not make sense, but to me an incredible story, one nearly flawless, tops a fantastic novel.  Even the best novels I’ve read have a slow spot somewhere within – a spot not at the same incredible level as the rest of the work.  This doesn’t happen, really can’t happen, in an incredible short story – there’s just no room for bits of filler.

And I love finding collections with no filler – those where I finish and don’t silently believe the publisher and author tossed two extra lesser stories in just to fill up the page count. 

For the next 30 days, I will be writing about at least two stories per day – one from a collection I have on my TBR pile, and one from a literary journal (both print and online efforts).  I look forward to sharing some great writers with you over this time, and also wish to point you towards folks like Jeff Bryant, Clifford Garstang, and Matthew Tiffany, all of whom have expressed interest in making May SHORT STORY MONTH at their blogs as well.

Ah yes, that’s right: I made some noise a while back about my participation, and even wrote something up about Martone’s "Highlights".  Read a bunch of stories.  Neglected to write anything down.  Have about 1/10th the literary/bloggular stamina as Dan.  I doubt I’ll get to the same quantity/quality of posts as you’ll see from some of those other folks listed, but stick around while I give it a shot.


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