Accentuate the negative.

Soft Skull kindly sent me a copy – long, long ago – of John Hall’s Daily Negations.  I read it daily.  Nearly as often, I think, what is the best way to review this?  And then I think, I have no idea, and I put it down and leave my desk in search of doughnuts and other office-type satisfactions, free of affirmations.  I have come back to find my co-workers reading it aloud to each other. 

I still don’t have a review, but I enjoyed today’s negation, so in lieu of that review (temporarily!) I offer you some words of wisdom:

April 30

Today I have a lot of options.  Most of the decisions I make could turn out wrong.  It is probably best to do nothing.  Of course, doing nothing could turn out to be the biggest mistake of all.  I really don’t know what to do.

Somewhat comically, this has been my approach to blogging recently. 


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